Nowadays, there are very few people living in the stone age. So I assume that almost everyone knows that all computer engineering students, information technology engineering students to all streams have to do a final year project.Many computer engineering students and information technology students join training institutes for taking assistance for doing their final year project. Or students register on websites offering online courses in various technologies. Some of these online courses as well as certain training institutes charge exorbitant prices as fees for assisting and guiding the students in resolving the doubts faced by these final year engineering students.My personal advice to these students is that there are many websites on the enormous world wide web that offer tutorials on various technologies and scripts coded in various programming technologies.All of you might have heard about astrologers and palmists. In this age of Kaliyuga, we will come across many fake astrologers and fake palmists who will make fake predictions. One will come across a genuine astrologer only when God wills it.Similarly, people who are reading this article have come here because god has wished that they began their career in the world of technology by learning a particular technology at a reasonable rate. Good luck was on my side as I came across a website that offers courses in various technologies along with good final year engineering projects, with rates starting from as low as Rs.250.Not only this, but there are also many free courses! Going through these free courses will surely help the final year engineering students (beginners) to gain expertise in a particular technological domain. Now there are paid courses offering as many as 15 final year engineering projects with course rates starting from as low as Rs.250.Of course, there are courses for engineering students at the intermediate level as there are courses for beginners.`The name of the website is Eduonix. When you are pursuing the course if you have any difficulty in understanding the course material then there is faculty to assist you and guide you.I would recommend the Eduonix course for beginners in software development and also for software developers at the intermediate level who wish to acquire master-level proficiency in software development.


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